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Entry doors are the doors that your guests first notice, when they enter your house. It needs to make a good first impression. Our professional at Lancaster Window Replacement Experts understand this scenario all too well and so offer you the best entry doors that terrific in quality as well as unique in appearance. Whether you are going for a modern or vintage look, we will help you find the ideal door that is high on style and functionality.

French doors are ideal as entry doors to bedrooms, sliding doors blend well with small balconies or suit bedrooms that come with a veranda or terrace while swinging doors suit a galley-style kitchen. You can choose from fiberglass-composite doors, wood doors, aluminum doors and steel doors.

Aluminum Doors
Aluminum doors do not rust. These doors have a long warranty cover hardware, insulated glass and surfaces however; they do not consist of insulating properties and don’t look good for residential use.

Fiberglass-composite Doors
Fiberglass-composite doors and steel doors come with a similar price range. These doors do not rust or dent while you can also include glass panels into these doors. If these doors are hurt by a hard object, they do crack. So also, if you want to customize these doors, they come with a higher expense.

Wood Doors
Wood doors give out a majestic feel. They also exude a certain level of attractiveness and are imperial to look at. Wooden door have a nice look and appeal, although they do require a lot of maintenance and care. These doors come with shorter warranties, are costly in nature and when exposed to direct sunlight can result in fading.

Steel Doors
Easy to maintain, unique in their own right since they come in many styles and rare esilient in nature, steel doors are economical and convenient. You can even paint on these doors, if you like. However, cold and heat can pass through these doors effortlessly while steel doors are also at a greater risk to dents and rust.