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French doors immediately transport you into an era gone by as these doors exude a vintage and timeless charm. The French door functions by basically swinging on a hinge. The most commonly installed French door is the double panel door, but according to your personal choice and the availability of space in your house, you can either opt for a single or double door panel.

French doors are energy efficient and sturdy which is why they can hold their own against the wind and storm. These doors look stylish and class. They are also high on functionality as you can open both the doors at the same time. This makes it hassle-free to bring in bulky luggage and even offer flexibility of movement during house parties.

Since French doors open both ways they take up a lot of space and are also on the higher side in terms of cost. You also need to make sure that these doors suit your home décor well or else it may look out of place. Lancaster Window Replacement Experts will help you find the best door for your residential area with ease.